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Jef Russell Photography's mission statement is simple: PIMPIN' AIN'T EASY -BIG DADDY KANE

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New York University


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2016 PDN Photo Annual Winner - Sports




Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, I spent my high school years in Beaumont, Texas. My next move was to NYC (pretty much the 'standard' for Beaumont-ites) where I went to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. After my last semester studying abroad in Florence (where I did my best to fulfill the stereotype of a Drunk American) I moved to Los Angeles without a firm job prospect. Several hundred cold-calls later, I somehow found my way into a job working for a VP of Feature Production at Warner Bros. I spent two and a half years at Warner Bros. before working on other films in Tampa and Austin. At that point I was ready for my next move: writing my first screenplay (and, more importantly, selling it for several million dollars). And while I did write that screenplay (and several more after it) the millions of dollars never found their way to my bank account. Cut to (see, that's a screenplay reference) several years later where I found myself back in sales. So while that's my current day job, my weekend-one involves traveling to small-towns and events taking the photos you see on this site. 


Jef is the best I’ve ever seen
— Jef Russell


I know you've quit reading this drivel and I don't blame you...kinda boring.  Anyway, I'm just writing out some additional boring stuff that will never get read, so hajhdjhdfkjwhefjwefhekrjhfgeurgheiruhgsldhskdhvkjshdfljshdfjkhsdkjfhksjdbvskjdbfkjdbfjsdbfjsdf...

Oh, and Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl next year!!!!!